Basic Ionexchange Cartridges:

MR-1 and MR-1B, MR-254

Specific Use Cartridges:

Oxygen Removal OX-1 and OX-1B
Organic Removal and Dechlorination OR-1IMG_0714

Specialized Multilayered Cartridges:

MROX-1, MROX-1B, MROX-4, MRX-4, MROX-254           Depending on the aqueous solution being treated, different layered beds can be utilized. An organic removal layer, an oxygen removal layer, and a deionizing layer can be applied in different configurations.

Condensate Feedback Cartridges:

CFB-1 Organic removal, CFB-2 Amine removal, CFB-3  Mixed Bed   Pre-treatment for distillation


VF-7.5, VA-7, VA-7HT, VMF-750.2IMG_0734




Spare Replacement Parts:

Inter-connectors; O-rings large, medium, and small; VLT-2P Canisters including cans, clamps, springs, and heads; Purity Monitors.