Processes & Testing

All cartridges are built to a standard of performance and reliability. Certifications for each cartridge type detail the capacity of operation and the materials of construction. See Certifications page.

Cartridges with oxygen removal resin in total or as one of the layers  are evacuated with nitrogen then vacuum sealed in Mylar foil bags and double bagged with a Mylar outer bag  over the storage box.This ensures optimum protection to prolong shelf-GTS Iphone 368life.

Each cartridge has a serial number and expirations dates.

Certain resins are processed for particular applications, and monitored for quality.




ASTM testing procedures are utilized such as:

  • D2187-Physical and Chemical Properties of Particulate Ion-Exchange Resins
  • D3375- Column Capacity of Particulate Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Materials
  • D7513- Capacity of Ion Exchange Cartridges
  • D8435- Capacity of  Oxygen Removal CartridgesIMG_0727